Yeeehaaaa! 10 Places To Scoff American Food In London On 4th July

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Yeeehaaaa! 10 Places To Scoff American Food In London On 4th July

It’s no secret that Americans love food nor is it secret that Americans love Londoners, (think Paul Rudd Forgetting Sarah Marshall), thus it was only a matter of time before the Americans brought their cuisine to us. Here you’ll find 10 of the best American food London has to offer… Think burgers, lots of burgers.

10. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

A tribute to the power of Hollywood, this Forrest Gump themed restaurant may be gimmicky but still boasts an extensive menu. Of course shrimp and other seafood dishes have the monopoly but for those who believe fish are friends not food there are still an impressive amount of non-seafood options such as classic american burgers, sandwiches and grills. Even more impressive however is the reasonable prices considering the restaurant is located the heart of the West End.

13 Coventry Street, London, W1D 7AB


9. The Mac Factory

Gooey, crispy on top, rich – this gourmet mac factory has its recipe down to a tee. Go for the classic pot of 3 blended cheeses or push the bowl out a little and try one of their exciting toppings. Try the Raging Cajun which delights with popcorn chicken or perhaps the Super Mario enticing with sauteed mushrooms and truffle oil – fancy! You’ll find this American delight nestled in the Camden Lock Food Market watched over by Lady Liberty herself.

Camden Lock Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AF


8. Porkys BBQ

This Memphis inspired restaurant serves traditional Southern BBQ food as it should be. As the name implies you can expect pork, in particular a plethora of pulled pork on sandwiches, burgers and combo platters. As well as pulled pork, Porkys offers smoked BBQ chicken, salads, ribs and a large selection of satisfying sides and small plates (excuse the alliteration!) This restaurant may be fit for The King himself!

Multiple Locations 


7: Shake Shack


Originating from New York and the East Coast of the US, although the Shack does indeed sell some pretty amazing milkshakes and ice cream, it’s fame, (and its place on this list, is owed to its burgers). Shake Shack offers a simple selection of burgers its success seemingly coming from its high quality ingredients more so than its originality. Vegetarians are invited to the party too with Shake Shack’s mushroom burger renowned for it’s excellent gluttony. We’re talking mushroom stuffed with a generous helping of melted cheese then deep fried and served in a classic brioche bun. B-e-a-utiful.

24 Market Building, Covent Garden, Piazza, London, WC2E 8RD


6. Comfort Kitchen

With multiple pop-up stalls at food markets across London, Comfort Kitchen brings a taste of the American deep south to you. Specialising in Fried Buttermilk Chicken with simple yet expertly refined Southern inspired sides this juicy and modestly priced meal is well worth fighting through a tourist infected market for.

Multiple Locations 


5. Red Dog Saloon

A Kansas BBQ joint where size really does matter and bigger is always better. Hosting a man-vs-food-esque hot wings and ‘The Devastater’ burger challenge this restaurant brings out your primal survival instincts. Although slightly pricey the portions here are extremely generous and we guarantee you wont leave hungry.

Multiple Locations


4. Hank’s Po boy

This original and delicious New Orleans inspired street food will get you dancing. Their famous crispy Cajun Crawfish Balls accompanied with huge sandwiches stuffed with either spiced fish or meat are a combination like no other London street vendor offers.

Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London SE1 8XX


3. Chipotle

Ignore the fact that Americans laugh at how we pronounce it, (it’s true I’ve been mocked before!), Chipotle is one of American’s most popular and fastest growing fast food chains. Despite it’s ‘fast food’ label however, Chipotle produces high quality burritos, tacos and salads AND if you ditch the wrap and rice and ask for a ‘burrito bowl’ instead its actually a pretty healthy meal… who are we kidding? Pile on that cheese and sour cheese and enjoy your burrito the way it should be! (Oh and we know this food is Mexican but it’s an American chain okay?!)

Multiple Locations 


2. NY Fold

No food list would be complete without the big daddy of all foods: Pizza. A casual yet trendy pizzeria offering pizza by the slice the true New York way. With an overwhelming selection of pizzas to chose from, including create your own as well as pastas, salads and wings, NY Fold leaves you spoilt for choice. NY Fold is now on Deliveroo meaning you can enjoy delicious pizza from the comfort of your own bed.

103 Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DTFive Guys


1. Five Guys

Great quality beef meets sesame seed bun meets unlimited toppings to create the perfect american burger. A typical fast food style restaurant, sadly without the McDonalds prices, but well worth the extra pennies. Here you can add your toppings for no extra price (or judgement) so pile on those onions, gherkins, tomato, hot sauce like the sky, not the bun, is your limit; you can even add extra cheese and bacon. The free peanuts, top up soda machines boasting over 150 flavours and the classic American anthems blasting over the speakers give this place an authentic US feel.

Multiple Locations  

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