You Can Rent 3 Rooms In Europe For The Cost Of 1 In London…

As another month begins, another large sum of money is soon snatched from your bank account. Paying rent in London is much like ripping off an oversized plaster on a wound that doesn’t want to heal. And it’s just got worse… The online flat-sharing service, WeRoom, have been investigating the average price of London rent compared with other European cities and the findings are not pretty…


Apparently, you could actually rent a room in flat-shares in both central Madrid and Berlin at the same time and you’ll STILL have £300 more to spare than you would renting in London. How much is a one-way flight?! It’s very tempting to just move. Think of the tapas, the beer, the sun…


And that’s not all, Londoners. We also pay the highest utility bills (probably because it’s always so bloody cold, so constant heating is a necessity). Oh and also because residents in the UK also have to sacrifice their pennies in order to watch TV broadcasted live.


And for the disgustingly sour cherry on the top, Londoners actually pay more for less space than our European counterparts. In London, there will be about 3 people living in roughly the same amount of space as 2 people in Berlin (and paying triple the amount for it!). But look on the bright side… at least the flats in London are cosier, right?

For more depressingly painful information on London property, have a look at this Underground Property Price Map

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