Yikes. There Could Be More Tube Strikes In London Very Soon…

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Just when you thought the worst was over…

That, or you’ve rather enjoyed a four-day week in the office because your boss didn’t force you to trek through London during what felt like the travel-induced apocalypse. Even the Uber drivers hated it. Anyway, the RMT announced that London could well face further strike action. Yippee.

Earlier today, the Evening Standard reported that from February 6th, the RMT will see a new wave of action. Dates have yet to be confirmed, but after the mess the strikes caused in the city earlier this week, we’re not particularly thrilled to find 0ut when it will start all over again…

Or maybe we are.

In more travel disruption news: snow.

Feature Image: underclasscameraman – Flickr

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

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