WWII Bunker In Clapham To Open For Tours And It Looks Incredible

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WWII Bunker In Clapham To Open For Tours And It Looks Incredible

TfL has secured planning permission to open up a WWII bunker beneath Clapham for regular tours and we CAN’T WAIT! Perhaps not the ‘coolest’ thing to do in some people’s eyes (shame on you), seeing as this underground shelter was dug during the war to shelter civilians from the Blitz…we’ll definitely be making a trip. History hats ON, confusion about being under ground and not on a tube ON…imaginations most certainly, ON!

The shelter can be accessed via a surface building — known as the rotunda — near Clapham Common station, and is going to be turned into a cafe, as part of the new plans. Fear not, however. The bunkers beneath it will be used for an exhibition about the history of the tunnels as well as for regular Hidden London tours run by the London Transport Museum.

The bunker during WWII – pretty cool, huh?  [Telegraph]
If you want to drink fancy cocktails in a bunker, a bomb shelter underneath Soho Square is potentially being turned into a fancy bar or restaurant (it must be a new craze…nearby tunnels beneath Clapham High Street are being used for underground farm while a bunker by the Gherkin will become a new bar and crazy golf course…)

Watch this space!

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