A New Bali-Inspired Vegan Restaurant Has Opened In Hackney • WAVE

We Are Vegan Everything WAVE

Yes, another vegan restaurant has opened in London, and this one has serious boho vibes.

The brilliant brains behind pop-up vegan bakery Cupcakes and Shhht have just opened a new cafe in Hackney. We Are Vegan Everything, aka. WAVE, serve freakshakes, cakes and pastries, as well as an all-day brunch menu.

We Are Vegan Everything – Brunch

Giving vegans all that they’ve been missing, WAVE’s savoury options include vegan eggs (fried or scrambled), vegan smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, and vegan sausage rolls (move over, Greggs). There are also a bunch of open sandwiches, including avocado and marmite on sourdough toast, or tofu scramble with smoked aubergine and tomato.

WAVE freakshake party

Their menu of sweet treats is headlined by the super Instagrammable soya-based freakshakes, with flavours such as strawberry cheesecake or banana and Biscoff. There’s also a fantastic selection of vegan and gluten free cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, raw peanut butter slices, as well as vegan croissants and cinnamon buns. Oh and the pancakes! We can’t forget the pancakes…

We Are Vegan Everything – Pancakes

Besides the food, the interiors will whisk you away to the Indonesian archipelago. Relax on bamboo chaise lounge seats, day beds and swinging ceiling chairs, and you’ll easily forget you’re in London.

WAVE interior day bed

☕️⭐️ WAVE are giving away free coffee to the first 20 people who show up each day, until February 11 (Monday to Friday, 8–10am). ⭐️☕️

Location: 11 Dispensary Lane, Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1FT. Nearest stations are Hackney Central and Hackney Downs. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am–6pm. Saturday, 9am–6pm. Sunday, 10am–4pm.
Price: brekkie/brunch dishes range from £4 to £12. Cakes and pastries cost no more than £5.
More information: on their website.

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