The Waterloo & City Line Has Reopened To The Public, Two Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

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Waterloo & City line

The Waterloo & City line has been closed since March 2020.

Good news if you love Waterloo and/or the City, because the network’s shortest Tube line is now back in action. Primarily used as a commuter link between Waterloo station and London’s original financial hub, the line had been shut since the beginning of the pandemic as working from home became a requirement. Today, however, it reopened to the public two weeks ahead of schedule (something we unfortunately cannot say about Crossrail), to allow City workers to head back to the office – and for the rest of us, as a handy way to hop from the Sky Garden to the South Bank.

The line will run every five minutes between 6-10am and from 3:30-7pm, Monday to Friday. (Woe betide the commuter who’s running late for work and arrives at 10:01am!) Though working from home has become the new reality for many of us, the line is likely to provide a vital link for those who are required back in the office. Once the line reopens, TfL is still encouraging us to travel at quieter times to avoid congestion – so 3:30pm finish on Fridays, gang?

Waterloo & City line

Whilst the Waterloo & City line was closed, drivers for the line had been helping out by driving trains on the Central line, but will now return to work on the shortest line. Recently re-elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan dubbed the reopening of the Waterloo & City line “an important milestone in the reopening of our city and will help get the central London economy back to life and protect jobs.” Hear hear!

Meanwhile, the Northern Line is extending to Battersea this autumn.

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