Surprise! The Elizabeth Line Opening Has Been Delayed

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We might’ve expected delays on the Elizabeth line – just not before it actually opened…

So much can change in a month. In July, we brought you news that the Elizabeth Line had an official opening date. Now in August, we bring you news that TfL will officially miss this deadline. Today, they’ve announced that the Elizabeth Line (or Crossrail, for the republicans amongst you) will be delayed until autumn 2019 – a full nine months behind schedule.

You’re staying put for the moment… Photo: @transportforlondon

Fools, fools we were for desperately clinging to hope! Now we will learn the error of our ways. Perhaps we should have seen this coming, given that the BBC revealed it was £600 million over budget as of last month. The delay won’t affect the already opened parts – from Liverpool Street to Shenfield, and Paddington to Hayes & Harlington – but it does delay the central London section of the line. Which, to be honest, is the bit we all care about.

The delays are due to the need “to ensure a safe and reliable railway for customers from day one of passenger service”, according to TfL. No arguing with that, really, but it doesn’t mean we can’t complain. Just remember: good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait…

Featured image: James Kevin Wood via Flickr

Alex Landon

Alex Landon

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