Urine Trouble! East London Is Getting Wee-Repelling Walls

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham


Besides resisting the temptation to write this in a Scottish dialect so that the word ‘wee’ could feature more often than necessary…this is not a joke. There is about to be some serious back-(sp)lash for all you public urinators…pee-repelling paint that ‘bounces’ liquid away from walls is being trialled in East London, and we bet it’s going to get prettyyyy messy. The paint has been distributed at two secret locations in Shoreditch and Dalston, but if a success (and we’re not sure exactly how they are going to measure this…) it could be extended to Hackney. And then who knows where.

Anyone who tries to urinate on the walls will have the stream directed back at them, covering their shoes and trousers. We’re trying to keep a straight face imagining this, but it all sounds verrry similar to the good old clingfilm over the toilet street trick if you ask us…comedy gold ? almost as funny as the scheme’s name…wait for it…’peeback time‘. The paint also stops liquids soaking into the wall, bringing with it hopes to considerably lower its annual £100,000 bill for urine clean-ups.

While some have welcomed the news, others say there are not enough public toilets to justify punishing those who do find themselves caught short…but with fines already in place for al fresco whizzing (and the entertainment prospects that come with this new strategy), we reckon it’s a pretty good idea. What do you think? To wee, or not to wee? 

[Concrete Playground]
Now, we don’t want to sound like your mother…but for any of you about to be subsequently soaked, perhaps you should have gone before you left? ?


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