The Underground Has Been Voted The World’s Most Dog-Friendly Transport Network

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I can’t imagine London without a dog-friendly Tube, to be honest…

I think it was already apparent to anyone who’s read our article about dogs on the Tube, but now official confirmation has come that the London Underground is the most pet-friendly subway in the world. London rental site Essential Living has been crunching the numbers on a number of different factors, and crowned our fair Tube the most dog-friendly metro in the world. So, how exactly did we end up with The Doggo’s Champion? [Header image: @georgethesausage]

[Essential Living]
Ten of the world’s busiest metro stations, from Madrid to Moscow and Shanghai to Seoul, were ranked on a series of metrics. Factors included whether pets were allowed on the metro, the need for leads and muzzles, and whether pets had to travel in carriers. With the London Underground allowing dogs to travel without muzzles and carriers, the Tube beat out the competition to score the number one spot, pushing Tokyo into second and the Madrid Metro into third. We can only sympathise with the dogs of Beijing, Shanghai, and Mexico City, who are sadly forbidden from catching the Metro.


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Though the Underground is great for dogs, it didn’t stack up quite so well for humans. London may have triumphed in the category of “most comfortable stations”, but we came dead last when it comes to value for money, and scored pretty badly on step-free stations too. We’ll be moaning about the patchy air conditioning system come summer, too, but I suppose it’s time to focus on the positives – and as we all know, just catching sight of a dog on the Tube brings a smile to our faces!

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