34 Pictures Of Dogs On The Underground That Will Brighten Your Day

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Very few things will cheer you up quite like a pupper on a train.

Here are a few of the goodest, purest and most handsome little woofers you ever did see on public transport.


1. This lil’ pup who just wants to sit like the humans do.

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2. And this little fluff who needs–nay, deserves–her own seat.

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3. This lovely doggo sitting under a very fitting sign.

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4. And this cheeky pup who is happier than any human has ever been to visit Leicester Square.

5. This handsome doggo who just wants to make friends.

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6. And this pupper who will never fail to make you smile.

7. This tiny sausage who thinks seats are so overrated.

8. And this lil’ chap who has seriously mastered the puppy eyes.

9. This bundle of love who thinks escalators are heckin’ scary.

10. And this curious pupper who just wants to know what the heck is going on.

11. This good dog who is wondering where all the humans are to pet him.

12. This doggo who reckons he just heard the tube announcer say something about Barking…

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13. This handsome boy who just loves attention.

14. And this lil’ guy who would quite like to know where the heck his human is taking him.

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15. This tired pup who’s had a long, hard day. (We know how you feel, pupper). 

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16. This happy chap who just wants to see you smile.

17. And this little guy experiencing the tube for the first time.

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18. This little lady getting a first class ride.

19. And this handsome chap who really hopes he’s on the way to the park.

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20. This chap who doesn’t give two hecks about the ‘no feet on the seats’ rule.

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21. And this charming pup who is such a seasoned commuter that he almost blends into the seats.

22. This lil’ pooch who has no idea what the heck is going on.

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23. This fluff who is rather unimpressed with what his “walk” turned out to be.

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24. And this good boy who is hoping there’ll be squirrels wherever he’s going.

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25. This cute lil’ pupper who just wants to play.

26. This fella who does the commuting thing way better than any of us do.

27. And this smiley woofer who could make anyone’s commute better with just one small boop.

28. This cutie sporting her favourite jacket.

29. And this handsome pupper who really hopes you’re minding the gap.

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30. This happy pup who is here to cheer you up!

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31. And this cutie who is ready to get home now please, mum.

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32. This lovely doggo who deserves ALL the treats.

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33. This little pup who is cross with her humans for taking her on this scary moving tube thing, but loves them anyway.

34. And finally, this doggo who loves the tube because it means she gets loads of attention from new humans.

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