Uber Are Offering Up To 50% Off Rides For NHS And Care Home Workers

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Uber are subsidising rides for NHS and care home staff until the end of 2020.

Uber gets us from A to B, UberEats provides us with the perfect hangover meals and now Uber Medics is offering discounted rides to those working on the front lines through the Covid-19 pandemic! From this week up until the end of the year, NHS and care home workers across the UK will be eligible for 25% off fares all day, everyday. Alongside the discount, there’ll be more flexibility on pick-ups giving riders more time to get to their Uber before the driver cancels.

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This is Uber’s “way of supporting NHS and care home staff as they continue working to keep the country moving through new restrictions and a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.” These workers have worked tirelessly to keep us all safe this year and hopefully this heartwarming gesture will make a difference.

And there’s more: Mastercard has now also partnered with Uber Medics meaning that an ever larger discount is available. If you pay for you ride with your Mastercard you’ll automatically receive 50% off instead of 25%! The discount will be capped at £30 savings per ride and there’s really no catch.

How to claim

If you work in a care home, simply ask your administrator to fill out this form and Uber will take care of the rest!

For NHS workers, just link your NHS email address to your Uber account and you’re good to go. You’ll find information on how to do this below.

Open the Uber app and follow these steps:

Tap on the menu on the top left of the app, then, click on your profile picture. You can now view and edit your email address, and once you’re signed in with your NHS address, it’s all very simple. Just enter your destination in ‘Where to’, then select ‘Uber Medics’ from the product list and your discount will be automatically applied. Follow these steps 48 hours before booking your first trip and enjoy the ride.

In other news, Morrisons have announced a 10% discount scheme for teachers and school staff.

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