Top Secret May 2015: The Little Yellow Door

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The Little Yellow Door

Each month on Secret London, we’ll hand-pick our top event or venue for your approval. Somewhere/something in London that is simply too good not to shout about. It’ll be our Top Secret for the month, but it won’t stay secret for long. So, without further ado, our top secret for May, and indeed our first top secret ever, is The Little Yellow Door: a pop-up house party event in Notting Hill.

It’s not just a house party, though. That’s just what they want you think. Sure, you’ll do shots out of egg cups, play Twister and call everyone ‘flatmate’. You’ll even notice the nice touch of stocking the toilet with reading material, nail varnish and hair dryers. It’ll be just like attending a party in your own home. Except that you won’t have to clear up all the mess afterwards. Oh, and they’ll serve you amazing food from the same guys behind the hugely popular Supper Club. Duck confit Scotch egg; melted Camembert with pear, candied walnuts and truffled honey – beats the beans on toast you’d cook in your own flat, no? Don’t take my word for it though. Ask the Yellow Door’s resident goldfish, Cam and Bert (no joke).

The Little Yellow Door Food
[Food at The Little Yellow Door]
Recently featured on E4’s Made in Chelsea, The Little Yellow Door must be doing something right. They have a very definite philosophy, with co-founder Kam Dehdashti stating that ‘you may arrive with 3 friends and leave with 10.’ Which is great, if you like friends. Kam also mentions that the thought process behind the pop-up is that ‘the best nights out are always house parties, so we thought we’d recreate them here’. We hear ya, Kam. Except that house parties you’ve been to in the past may not have had mixologists whipping up crazy cocktails like Space Jam (a mix of Southern Comfort and your choice of apricot or blueberry jam). If they have, you’ve definitely got better friends than we have. Yes, we do actually have friends, look at all those likes on Facebook. ➞➞➞

One of those friends is events discovery app, Fever. They gave us the heads up about this awesome event, which you can attend on a Wednesday or Thursday night. They’ve also kindly offered a £5 reward coupon for all our readers (on top of the £10 for 2 cocktails package they are offering people on their app).

To enter The Little Yellow Door and enjoy 2 cocktails for just £5, click on the door below and then enter the code TOPSECRETMAY in the rewards section once inside…

The Little Yellow Door Door



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