TfL Trials New ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ Badge For The Tube

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Following the success of the very helpful ‘Baby on Board’ badge, TfL have created another badge of its kind, for those with hidden disabilities. It intends to help passengers with less obvious conditions to travel Underground with more ease. From 12th September, TfL will be trialling the badge with 1,000 people for six weeks, so be extra alert of your fellow passengers and offer those wearing a badge your seat. The trial, which is said to be the first of its kind in Europe, will help test the effectiveness of the badge.

The badge follows on from ideas of others, such as cancer patient James McNaught, who created the ‘Cancer on Board’ badge when travelling on the tube while undergoing radiotherapy for throat cancer. The purpose of this new badge has a similar purpose to James’ – it’s there to eliminate the need for an explanation when requesting a seat. If you’re interested in taking part in the trial or finding out more, see here.


Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

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