This Awesome Spin Class Will Exercise Your Mind, Body And Soul • SoulCycle

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This Awesome Spin Class Will Exercise Your Mind, Body And Soul • SoulCycle

SoulCycle is the spin class that will target more than just your body.

If, like me, lockdown saw a decline in your desire to workout (or even move for that matter), you may be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to reintroduce fitness back into your life. Enter SoulCycle!

A spin class may not sound like your obvious idea of fun, but SoulCycle has made the impossible possible. The combination of being in a candlelit room with an instructor yelling positive affirmations at you as you pedal faster than you’ve ever peddled before really is quite the rush. Weights, push-ups and crunches are also incorporated into each 45 minute class, making it the workout of a lifetime.

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Gone are the days when you’d have to cycle in silence or to a generic, overplayed playlist. Instead, each instructor creates a new playlist for every single class. And they will often share them online beforehand, allowing you to choose the perfect class for your mood. 

SoulCycle really goes above and beyond to create a safe space for their riders, prioritising both physical and mental health. The use of aromatherapy, music, motivational quotes and a near pitch black room really is a treat for all the senses!

SoulCycle Lockers Mirrors
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Each venue has an array of free amenities, including lockers, towels, toiletries and showers (which are currently off limits due to COVID-19), as well as a selection of healthy snacks and smoothies to enjoy post-workout. 

If you’re after a workout that is equally as challenging as it is fun, then SoulCycle is definitely the place for you. 

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Photo: SoulCycle

You’ll find SoulCycle’s studios in Soho and Notting Hill. Each class costs £26 (with the exception of your first class, which is £16). While these classes are not the cheapest, they do have a range of packages that make the average cost much more affordable. For class schedules and opening hours, head to the SoulCycle website.

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