Sleep Tight! A Londoner Has Designed World’s First ‘Interactive Bed’

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Just when we thought we’d seen it all, we discovered that a London designer has invented the world’s first ‘smart bed’ that can be controlled from an app and wake you from nightmares. The temperature of the bed, which is made up of small air balls (yes, air balls…) covered by several layers of foam, can be controlled from an app on a phone. Talk about being lazy…but oh-so dreamy. Inspired by his own bad sleeping habits, Joe Katan from north London stated: “We are trying to utilise modern design and technology to produce beds that you have full control of. You can customise it any way you wish.”

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[The Verge]
The interactive bed also has a ‘vibro massage’ function and an anti-snoring system (if anything, we’d get the bed just for that…) tuned to detect when your breathing changes. By recording data such as your core temperature, the bed can be set to wake you up if it senses you are about to have a nightmare. We’re not entirely sure what to make of this…but if it means a good kip, then count us in!

Featured Image Credit: The Verge

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