London Is Getting A Stunning New Rooftop Riverside Park

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Seal House

Rooftop and riverside location? Oh Seal House, how you spoil us.

It’s been a big year for new parks, especially around the City of London. First, there was the opening of the strikingly modern The Garden at 120, currently captivating the good people of Instagram. And just yesterday, we got word of the redevelopment of Exchange Square, which could be prettifying Liverpool Street before you know it. But for a striking location, nothing is beating the newly-announced park atop Seal House.

Seal House

In the dark days, one would have to choose between a riverside park and a rooftop spot. Thankfully, Seal House will put an end to that nonsense, as this striking rooftop park sits right on the Thames. Twelve stories up, it offers uninterrupted vistas of the river, with the neighbouring Shard being the standout view.

Seal House

Seal House also boasts pretty gorgeous looks at St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, and the skyscrapers of the City of London (although it could look pretty different by the time Seal House opens). Handily, you can get a sneak preview of what’s on offer with this interactive animation, although there’s obviously no guarantee it’ll be this sunny when you visit.

Seal House

There’s good pedigree behind the project; Eric Parry Architects, who designed the garden, were also the creative minds behind The Garden at 120. Whilst the rooftop garden is the most striking aspect of the Seal House development, there’s a bit more to it. A panoramic restaurant will operate on the floor below the garden, and the plan also calls for office space, 300 cycle parking spots, retail options, and a green wall, filled with cascading plants.

Seal House

Planning permission has only just been granted, so there’s no confirmed date for the garden’s opening. What we do know is that it’ll be free to visit, accessed by a dedicated lift, and open all year round, seven days a week. With Instagram opportunities aplenty, we bet people will be going barking mad for Seal House before long.

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