Here’s What The City Of London Will Look Like In 2026

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2026 is closer than you think…

London moves pretty fast, rather like time itself these days. Perhaps wary of the whiplash effect caused by the relentless forward march of time, the City of London Corporation have sought to prepare our delicate eyes for The Future, by revealing what the City will look like in 2026. Spoiler alert: it’s shiny.

The view of the City of London looking north from City Hall.

The series of images spell out the future of the City skyline, encompassing all the skyscrapers that will be built between now and 2026. New additions to the area feature prominently in the above image, with the sleek – albeit rather featureless – 22 Bishopsgate on the left of the trio of big boys, and the 73-storey, peculiarly named 1 Undershaft in the centre. Sitting on the right, and forever obscuring The Gherkin from view (from the river, at least) is 100 Leadenhall – or, as its shape dictates we call it, Cheesegrater 2: Return of the Mac.

Looking east from Waterloo Bridge.

Not pictured in any of the images is the recently-announced 1000ft tower known as The Tulip, which would become the second-tallest building in London should approval go ahead (pipping 1 Undershaft to the title by a matter of one foot). Presumably that’s because planning permission hasn’t been granted yet – although we like to think it’s something to do with the building’s unusual shape, having elicited such endearing nicknames as ‘The Dildo’ and ‘The Sperm Tower’

An aerial view of the City of London. Pretty, innit?

Currently, seven skyscrapers are under construction in The Square Mile, with a further six approved and ready to break ground. They’re part of a whopping 510 tall buildings that will be rising to the London heavens over the next decade, so you’ll be craning your neck regardless of which part of town you’re in…

All images courtesy of GMJ and City of London Corporation.

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