Central London Could Be Getting A Lovely New Park To Promote Wellbeing

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Central London Could Be Getting A Lovely New Park To Promote Wellbeing

Exchange Square could be transformed into a lovely new, landscaped park.

There are plans to turn Exchange Square, which you’ll find right next to Liverpool Street station, into a landscaped park. The new green space has been proposed by British Land, and designed by architects DSDHA who have previously worked on the nearby Broadgate Circle.

Although the square is already a nice place to relax, this new project will mean introducing four times the amount of green space. The area will even get its own Head Gardener to keep it bloomin’ beautiful.

The park will be around 6,000 square metres and is set to include a playful water feature, a new restaurant unit and a brand new event space. Every part of the development has mental and physical wellbeing in mind; promoting its importance and bringing people together to work, shop, drink and dine.

Health and wellbeing are a vital part of the plans, after research commissioned by British Land showed that “putting good design at the heart of urban development could lead to substantial improvement in peoples’ mental health”.

David Lockyer, Head of Broadgate, British Land, said of the project: “We’re excited about the opportunity to create a new park at Broadgate that will help improve people’s wellbeing and that can be enjoyed by all the community.”

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