Say Goodbye To Piccadilly Circus As You Know It…

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The billboards at Piccadilly Circus are set to be switched off for the longest period of time since the Blitz. This is while they make big changes to modernise the screens and replace the current six billboards with one giant, ultra high definition screen. Snazzy, eh? Or shit… we can’t decide.

The boards have ~almost~ been constantly lit since the Second World War, with the exception of Earth Hour and the odd power cut. But they’ll soon be switched off for an extended period of time before the changes are complete next autumn. They’ll be dearly missed, I’m sure…

Coca-Cola (no surprise there) say that the new screens will provide an opportunity to deliver real time messages and more engaging content for their consumers, e.g. live videos and feeds. You can read more about the changes here


(Feature Image: Flickr/Josh Hallett)