This Immersive, Multi-Sensory Exhibition Will Really Mess With Your Melon

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Ryoji Ikeda

The Strand has welcomed an ultra-immersive Ryoji Ikeda exhibition.

The innovative Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda has brought London a brand new installation, and it’s just as immersive and thought-provoking as his former works. The self-titled exhibition is also be his largest in Europe to date, so there’ll be plenty to feast your eyes on. In 2017, he brought a mesmerising floor installation to the studios at 180 The Strand and it consisted of intense strobing lights, known as ‘Test Pattern [№ 12]‘. It was quite the sight to behold and fans have been patiently waiting for another epic exhibition to take place ever since. Well, there is no time like the present!

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The exhibition also takes place at the Strand art gallery, opening back in May. A collaboration between The Vinyl Factory and Fact brought this digital universe to life, and displays some of Ikeda’s most popular works as well as plenty of new mind-bending additions. It promises to take viewers on a sensory journey through the maze-like studio space, making you question perception, time, and space…

Those attending will get to experience the feeling of entering a black hole (well, as close as you can get through an art installation). You can also look forward to a tunnel of strobe lighting, large speaker sculptures, and a new and improved Test Pattern experience. Ikeda is known for engaging with frequencies and aesthetics that challenge the human ear and mind, so if you feel inspired, overwhelmed and/or completely out of body, that is all part of the process.

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Described as a “multi-sensory exploration of light and sound”, Ryoji Ikeda’s show has been the talk of the town – in fact, the installation has proved so popular that the gallery extended it a further month. Still, it has to end on September 18, so there are only limited opportunities remaining to immerse yourself in this technological wonderland!

Practical information

Open 10am - 6pm, Tuesday to Sunday. It runs from May 20, 2021 to September 18, 2021.