We’re On The Right Track! London Travel Fares Will Be Frozen Until 2020

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In case you needed anymore proof that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is cool AF, he has now confirmed that TfL travel fares will be frozen until 2020. In case you weren’t already aware, every January brings Londoner’s bitter coldness, post-Christmas blues and TfL’s annual fare increase. For 2017, TfL had originally planned to stick it to us with a juicy 17% fare increase but our financial rescue has some from Sadiq who has officially confirmed that he will be freezing TfL fares until 2020, meaning that there will be no increase from the 2016 fares. You da real MVP Sadiq! Unfortunately however, the fare freeze will not apply for travel cards, or weekly/daily caps as these include trains whose fares are decided by the government… sucks. But for the rest of us, just keep tapping!


Feature Image: [flickr: Nikos Koutoulas]

Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

After recently graduating from a degree in History (something she wishes her student loan would become), Annabel resents people who complain about their commutes between zone 1 & 2, as hers goes beyond the Oyster zone. It's worth it, however, to be able to write in a city where bars stay open past 8pm.