5 Amazing Ways To Explore The Cellars And Skies Of London

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5 Amazing Ways To Explore The Cellars And Skies Of London

We all know London is a goldmine for both history and totally unique experiences, but we don’t always take the time to explore them. We’ve made it easy for you and curated a list of brilliant things to do in London, if you’re looking to reverse the clocks and step back in time…


1. Underground Film Club

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During the winter months, London’s Rooftop Film Club turns their eyes downwards to the Vaults beneath Waterloo Station. Hidden away under the railway arches, the Vaults offer you a completely unique way to watch classic, cult and new films. This is a very impressive venue that adds a completely new dimension to any film.


2. Gordon’s Wine Bar

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Established in 1890, Gordon’s can officially be called London’s oldest wine bar. Not only have they served brilliant wine for over 125, but they actually haven’t made any significant changes since opening. They’ve maintained the original décor, still opt to only serve wine and provide their patrons with traditional food. The venue itself oozes history and is pretty breathtaking – the cellar was used as a bunker during the world wars and you’ll find historical newspaper cuttings and memorabilia throughout.


3. Blitz Party

How do you fancy going to a secret party in an air raid shelter? Blitz Party is an organised event that combines partying with a touch of war-time glamour of 1940’s London. This isn’t your typical night out. Oh no, this is much more than that! Expect live music,  swing dancing and some amazing cocktails. What’s more, everyone will be dressed to the nines in 1940’s party wear – so make sure you get a dazzling outfit sorted.


4. Birdies Crazy Golf Club

Also taking place in Waterloo’s infamous subterranean vaults, Birdies Crazy Golf Club offers a different golfing experience. Whether you fancy yourself as Rory Mcllroy (or if you’ve never picked up a club in your life), this place suits everyone’s skills. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the confined, underground space means that the course is a walkover. Birdies challenges you with every one of its nine holes! You have loop-de-loops, half pipes, hidden putts and even a 5ft drop to deal with.


5. Go Ape!

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While GO Ape isn’t strictly unique to London, the course Battersea Park is the first UK’s first urban adventure. It’s thought that it’s been made to be more physically challenging than the rural courses – it spreads across the tallest trees in the park, which are double the height of most Go Ape courses and many are twice as long. If you’re looking for an adventurous day out then you really can’t go far wrong with this new London addition.

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