These Quaint Seaside Towns Are Close To London And Well Worth The Day Trip


We’ve seen the beaches but what about the towns themselves? We’re talking cute, quaint and just plain adorable towns that’ll have you snapping away and breathing in all that unpolluted fresh air.

1. Deal, Kent

This adorable town in Kent is just under an hour and a half’s train journey from London and is so quaint, you’ll think you’ve taken a step back into the golden ages. A nice little escape from the hustle and bustle and it even has enough hipster-style coffee shops and stores to make you feel right at home. Oh and they even have a Michelin Guide approved restaurant that uses up all their ingredients for their Sunday ‘Raid The Larder’ menu which offers 3 courses for a very reasonable £22.

2. Margate, Kent

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Say what you want about Margate but if you’re looking for some fresh sea air, nostalgic fairground fun and a large haddock and chips for less than a fiver, then you’ve found your place. Margate’s Old Town is pretty recognisable but they’re also home to a theatre or two, a Winter Garden and they even have an annual carnival every August.

3. Broadstairs, Kent

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So of course there’s the usual seaside fayre available in this town but who can be bothered to sunbathe when there’s cute ice cream parlours such as Morelli’s? Founded in 1932, this fancy ice cream shop boasts pink leather seating and an oh so retro interior. We’re talking alcoholic flavours such as Mojito & Lime and tempting concoctions like Caramel Pecan & French Vanilla. Perfect for a summer’s day.

4. Hastings, East Sussex

Hailed as a “new Brighton” but a lovely town within its own right, Hastings is home to galleries, independent shops, fresh produce and of course lots of references to 1066. If you’re a history buff, there’s lots to see in the forms of museums and galleries. Equally, if you’re looking for a relaxed day on the seaside, then this is the place for you.

5. Eastbourne, East Sussex

One word: charming. Eastbourne is oh so charming with its rockpools, seafront walks, national park views and rivers. There’s quite a large number of things to get up to in Eastbourne and as it’s only an hour and a half train journey from London, you really have no excuse.

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