Enjoy A Game Of Mini Golf And Live Music At This Incredible Underground Course

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

Enjoy A Game Of Mini Golf And Live Music At This Incredible Underground Course

Swing into March with the return of #PuttshackPlayback.

If the grey skies have been getting you down and you’re just about feeling flipping fed up of February, then we have some fabulous news for you. Not only is spring on the way, but the sunnier season is bringing with it the mighty return of #PuttshackPlayback. A day party dedicated to good mates, great music and a whole load of mini golf, we can’t think of a better way to putt some excitement back into your life.

DJ Luck & MC Neat

For those of you whose two passions are mini golf and infamous DJs, then this event is about to be right up your street. On Sunday 1st March, #PuttshackPlayback kicks of the par-tee with some of the mightiest DJs and MCs in the business. Paying homage to perhaps the greatest musical era of all time – garage – the likes of Artful Dodger, DJ Luck and MC Neat will take to the stage. Incidentally, a little luck, some artful dodging and a neat swing is just about everything you’ll need to get around any of the three fantastic courses Puttshack have to offer.

Located in the iconic Bank Underground station, Puttshack’s venue is, undeniably, massive. Able to hold 650 guests, completely covered in neon colour, endlessly illuminated and even featuring a whacking great skylight (which allows you to watch the busy feet of commuters trip-trapping above you), this place is way better than any of the greens we’ve seen.

From 12pm, feel free to dive into the #PuttshackPlayback menu; which includes some pretty mouth-watering pizzas and their dangerously delicious chocolate brownies. (Don’t worry, there are vegan options for those of you who have held onto Veganuary a little longer than expected, as well!)

Obviously, you’ll be needing something to help wash all that grub down and keep you from being parched while practicing your swing; mercifully, Puttshack have you covered. Boasting one of the biggest rum lists in the entire city, with over 100 types, whether you’re hoping for something dark and spicy or sweet and tropical, they’ll be able to hand you the perfect concoction.

Now if this sounds like the ideal evening, but you and your friends are put off by that huge fight back in ’09 over the “11th hole controversy”, fear not, because gone are the days of cheating. Puttshack’s super fancy Trackaball™️ technology means there’s literally no way anyone can add a shot to your scorecard and pip you to the winner’s post. Your ball will keep track of all the scores, giving you live updates and the highlights of each round, so you can be sure who’s sub-par and who can hit the sweet spot every time.

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