This Liverpool Street Café Offers A 24-Hour Bottomless Brunch

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This Liverpool Street Café Offers A 24-Hour Bottomless Brunch

London’s first and only 24-hour bottomless brunch is back.

Frankly, this seems like a disaster waiting to happen. But, in a totally bonkers move last year, London’s 24-hour café started offering bottomless brunch literally all day, every day. They’ve now reopened for indoor dining, so there’s nothing stopping you from getting boozy with a side of avo and pancakes in the middle of the night.

For just £30 per person, guests can choose between Polo Bar’s signature English breakfast, a cheese burger and chips, or poached eggs and guacamole on granary. On top of that, you and your mates can share a portion of Polo Bar’s famous pancakes: either the Lotus Banoffee Pancakes with vanilla cream, banana, lotus biscuit 2-ways and lashings of caramel sauce, or the extra-indulgent Cookies & Cream pancakes.

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Of course, every 3am brunch needs unlimited booze — perhaps even more so than your average, daytime brunch. With everything from free-flowing prosecco to bottomless beer, you can stick to whatever you’ve been drinking throughout the evening and avoid any mixing-related accidents. (Wine before beer, feeling queer’ and all that.)

So, take our wildly irresponsible advice and don’t go to bed when the pub shuts! Head to Polo Bar to drink more! (While simultaneously soaking up the booze with huge portions of food.)

Polo Bar’s Bottomless Brunch is available for dine-in only, and costs £30pp for a 1.5 hour sitting. More information here

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