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Polo Bar

Polo Bar is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-sesh snack, breakfast, lunch, dinner…

Let’s imagine two scenarios, shall we? One: you’re at Liverpool Street station at 1pm on a Tuesday, and you want to grab food before your train leaves. Two: its 3:30am on Saturday morning, you’ve been out all night in Shoreditch, and you need something filling to counter all the Jagerbombs you downed. Where do you go to eat? The solution to both is Polo Bar, East London’s famed 24 hour cafe.

Polo Bar
Yep, they serve all of these meals at Polo Bar. Photo: @powelltwelve

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Polo Bar has you covered for pretty much every meal. The three-storey institution has been serving hungry and hangry Londoners alike, at all hours of the day and night, since 1953.

Polo Bar
Photo: @biancabridges

In fact, Polo Bar is so committed to a 24/7 service that they don’t even have a door to close. On the one day of the year they actually are closed – Christmas Day – they simply board up the opening to the cafe. Suppose there’s not much point investing in a door you’d only use once a year, is there?

Polo Bar
You’ll get some interesting dining companions here, for sure. Photo: @potter782

As for the food, the headline news is that you can get a traditional English breakfast all day long. Nothing says you’re crushing life more than black pudding after an evening at XOYO! Should that prove a little too much for you, they can also whip up omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches, and burgers, to name just a few of the many items on their menu. And this isn’t your basic greasy spoon fare either, as the food inspires a wave of devoted regulars.

Polo Bar
Photo: @polo24hourbar

Left the club but still looking to continue the night? Well you’re in luck, becuase Polo Bar has a 24 hour liquor license. If you’re in any fit state to appreciate good beer at this point, they’ll serve you a great selection from local favourites Redchurch Brewery.

Polo Bar
Photo: @polo24hourbar

Those of you hoping to take it a little easier might opt for a milkshake. No, wait, scratch that – I’ve just seen the Oreo Whisky Hardshake, which sounds like the culmination of my darkest food fantasies. Speaking of which, check out their Christmas pancake challenge.

Polo Bar
Photo: @theburgerlist

Honestly, there isn’t a bad time to come and visit Polo Bar. Just don’t confuse it with the Polo Bar in Mayfair, because they probably won’t serve you a fry-up at 4am.

Location: 176 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NQ. Nearest station is Liverpool Street. See them on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 24/7, seven days a week, except for Christmas Day.
Entry: free, but they have bouncers on weekend nights, so behave yourselves!
More information: head to their website.

Featured image: @mbs_london

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