Daily Parade Of The World’s Smallest Penguins Will Be Live Streamed For The UK

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Feeling a little down? Watch these tiny penguins waddle home and you’ll be sure to feel a whole lot better.

We’re well over a month into lockdown the third and I don’t know about you but Netflix and banana bread just aren’t cutting it anymore. Fortunately, Phillip Island Nature Park in Victoria, Australia has just the thing to cheer us up. The Island is home to the smallest penguins in the entire world and the park organisers have decided to livestream their daily parade for our amusement. [Featured image: Phillip Island Nature Park]

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The park will be broadcasting the daily parade for four weeks with the aim of spreading some positivity while we’re all stuck indoors. Starting from February 15, we will be able tune in and watch the amazing seabirds waddle from the ocean to their burrows. During Victoria’s Covid-19 lockdown back in 2020, the park live streamed the penguin parade to over 25 million people around the world. This time around, the broadcast is being dedicated to viewers in the UK and we can’t contain our excitement!

Penguins 2
Photo: Phillip Island Nature Park

Live Penguin TV will be available to stream from Phillip Island Nature Park’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel every day from around 10am. As well as the adorable penguins, the stream will also feature commentary from the park rangers as well as some special guests. Look out for British woodsman, Ray Mears taking centre stage in the upcoming weeks.

The park’s chief executive Catherine Basterfield said “We hope that we can bring some smiles to our friends in the UK, all the way from Phillip Island”. You can guarantee there will be smiles all around Catherine!

In other news, London is Europe’s most pet-friendly city, survey finds.

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