London Is Europe’s Most Pet-Friendly City, Survey Finds

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


Our city isn’t just brilliant for humans, you know.

London has scooped up a lot of accolades in the past few months, from the world’s best cocktail bar to the best city in the world for 2021. And it turns out we’ve been bestowed with another title, one which means rather a lot to us – as London has been confirmed as the most pet-friendly city in Europe, according to research conducted by money.co.uk.

Major cities in Europe were scored on a variety of metrics, and London triumphed above the rest with a score of 82.5, pipping Paris (71) and Rome (57.5) to top the podium. Our city scored highly for having 164 dog-friendly parks (essential for walkies, obvs), array of pet stores, and for the pet-friendly nature of the London Underground, which was identified as the world’s most dog-friendly transport network earlier this year.

London also benefits from some 240 pet grooming facilities and 172 pet daycare options, whilst also topping the rankings for being the most pet-friendly for commuting (see all these doggos on the Tube for more evidence of this). It all combined to make the capital the best place to be, whether you’re a human or an animal!

Plus, with a potential new law allowing renters to keep pets in their homes, London could become even more pet-friendly in the near future.

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