This Handy Map Tells You Which London Boroughs Have The Most Outdoor Dining Areas To Prepare You For April 12

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This Handy Map Tells You Which London Boroughs Have The Most Outdoor Dining Areas To Prepare You For April 12

We’re counting down the minutes.

It’s been a long ol’ road out of the dark tunnels of lockdown three in Britain, but some cracks of sunlight are beginning to appear. Literally, through the days getting longer as we approach the clocks going forward at the end of the month, but also figuratively as the nation gradually starts making some safe adjustments to normal life.

One date that’s been etched in our diaries with a big red circle since Boris Johnson announced the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown is April 12. From this point onwards, outdoor dining areas and beer gardens will once again be permitted to heat up their ovens and dust off their casks ready to pour the perfect pint.

How does your London borough get on here?

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Now, we all have our favourite places to eat and drink during normal times. But, not everywhere can open from April 12, as they may not blessed with an outdoor space. So, if you’re looking for somewhere new, this handy map from Crown Pavilions, based on a study of 598 restaurants, may just be a lifesaver in helping you determine where you should be looking for a new dining spot.

A tool depicting the London boroughs with the highest number of outdoor dining spaces is here to rival Bojo’s effort as map of the year, 2021.

Central London, quite unsurprisingly, reigns supreme when it comes outdoor dining. Westminster leads the pack with over 60 different spots you’ll be able to enjoy from April 12, with Camden and Kensington & Chelsea coming in just behind the leaders. With the addition of al fresco dining in areas like Soho this summer, it’s sure to be the number one choice on many a Londoner’s list this summer.

Portobello Road, closed for pedestrians and outdoor dining

The surrounding boroughs of Southwark; Islington; City; Hammersmith & Fulham; Tower Hamlets; Lambeth and Wandsworth are also go-to areas for reuniting with your beloved after work pints. And, if you wish for somewhere less central, your best bet is to head south-west, with Richmond and Kingston offering you plenty of choice.

I don’t know about you, but this has got me daydreaming of slamming the empty glass of my first pub pint in god-knows-how-long down on a table overlooking Camden Lock, before uttering the words “same again”. 24 days to go until April 12 now… just 24 days. We can do this.

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