Kensington And Chelsea’s Bustling Outdoor Dining Hub Is Here To Stay

Julie Freeman Julie Freeman - Staff Writer

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Several Kensington and Chelsea streets will remain outdoor dining and shopping areas until September 2022.

Since the start of the pandemic, al fresco dining has been a life saver for local businesses and customers, and many Kensington and Chelsea roads joined the outdoor dining movement back in April 2021. Pavilion Road, Bute Street, and Elystan Street all closed off to make room for guests to safely eat and drink outside in the spring, and remained busy throughout the summer. Now, more than 270 bars, restaurants and cafés have extended their pavement licences to September 2022, with more to be added over time.

“Al fresco dining made our streets come alive again after all those months of quiet. It helped our restaurants to survive when inside dining wasn’t an option, kept people in jobs and is now helping businesses to serve more customers. It’s brought a real café culture to our streets which is a great asset for local residents and an attraction for people across London.” said Cllr Johnny Thalassites, lead member for planning, place and environment.

We couldn’t agree more! Keep up to date on all things Kensington and Chelsea here.

While the West End’s outdoor dining hub has sadly closed, Covent Garden’s al fresco paradise is going nowhere.

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