We’re Not Clowning Around! Why You Need To Visit London’s CircusFest

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We’re Not Clowning Around! Why You Need To Visit London’s CircusFest

We know, we know – being a Londoner means juggling so many things at once, but we’re not joking when we say that you just have to make the time to visit this year’s CircusFest at London’s Roundhouse. In particular, the incredible, the sensational, the unbelievable…SUPERRRRR SUNDAYYYY (that’s ‘Super Sunday‘ in none-ringmaster speak), brought to you by the award-winning Finnish Race Horse Company.

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To say that the show is ‘in-tents’ does not just refer to the brick big top which it’s in. Nor does it refer to the occasional (and very close to the bone) black humour that the Race Horse Company are notorious for. No – ‘Super Sunday‘ is ‘in-tents’ because it is 90 minutes of a whirlwind of colour, comedy and circus acts, featuring the wheel of death, a human catapult (performed in a very, erhm, interesting outfit), trampolining and the teeterboard – a sort of seesaw that they quite literally fly off. Not only is it acrobatically astonishing, charismatically chaotic and breathtakingly brilliant (again, all said in the ringmaster’s voice)…it is also downright hilarious. But before any of you safety-conscious Colins pass this up due to premonitions of spending the entire show with your hands over your eyes, the team spirit and paramount regard for each other’s safety was unmistakable, and added a beauty to their boyish humour and daredevil skill. ‘Super Sunday’ is running until Saturday 16th April.

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Next up and highly recommended after that – from the 20th April – is Barely Methodical Troupe, world premiering their new production ‘Kin‘. ‘Kin’ combines exceptional acrobatic skills with contemporary dance, parkour, b-boying and tricking, using falling and catching, trust and balance, tumbling and flying as ways of exploring the human condition. Visit the Roundhouse website to see what else is on…CircusFest is running until the 24th April!

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