London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks Will Be Replaced By A TV Show Featuring Highlights Of The Year

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2020 wasn’t all bad, right?

Thank God 2020 is nearly done and dusted. At this point I’m actually ready for the annoying ‘New year, new me’ posts to appear all over social media. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, however with London still in Tier 3 and the iconic fireworks display cancelled, it’s undoubtedly going to very different this time around. Not all hope is lost though as BBC One will be replacing coverage of the midnight fireworks display with a live TV show featuring ‘defining moments of the year.’ How wholesome!

Uplifting moments from 2020 speculated to make an appearance in the show are Captain Sir Tom Moore’s mammoth effort to raise £33 million for the NHS, the Black Lives Matter protests this summer and the weekly clap for the NHS and key workers. The programme may also include footage of New Year’s Eve fireworks displays from previous years.

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New Year's Eve fireworks
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Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said “It is important we reflect on and pay tribute to the defining moments of the year and look to 2021 with hope, and that’s why we are replacing [the fireworks display] with a unique broadcast on BBC One. We know that New year’s Eve is traditionally an opportunity to show off our great city to the rest of the world, which we will still be doing this year in a show you’ll only be able to watch from home, on the BBC.”

“It will be a celebration of hope, but also provide a moment of reflection on the challenges of this year and the way Londoners pulled together. It is vital we all continue to stick to the rules to reduce the spread of the virus and I urge Londoners to stay safe by seeing in the new year watching BBC One from the comfort of their home with those they live or are bubbled with.”

Looks like we’ll be seeing 2020 off indoors with a cuppa in hand (or glass of wine, let’s be honest) and some heartwarming moments on the tele!

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