The UK Will Come Together Again Tonight To Clap For Our Carers

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz

The UK Will Come Together Again Tonight To Clap For Our Carers

London will once again erupt into applause to show support for the NHS and other essential workers.

Many cynical Londoners were pleasantly surprised by last week’s show of support, including my housemate, who had expressed in private that despite all the fanfare on social media, the capital just wouldn’t show up to the party. And yet, at 8pm there he was too, clapping along and smiling with a tear rolling down his cheek.

Clap For Our Carers, which began last week and saw the whole of the UK take to their doorsteps, windows, and balconies to show their appreciation for the NHS, will be repeated tonight and it seems that the general public can’t wait either, with a number of Twitter users taking to social media to encourage others to join in on the applause at 8pm.

This week’s round of applause will be extra special too, not only cheering on NHS workers but other key workers who are continuing to go to work every single day, risking their health to restock our shelves in supermarkets and help us out in local pharmacies. Which definitely deserves around of applause!

This week, the UK’s total number of cases reached over 29,000, with 2,352 deaths across the country reported by Public Health England*.

*Case numbers correct as of 1st April 2020.

In other news: London’s Pride parade has been postponed.

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