5 Favourite Irish Pubs In London That’ll Shamrock Your World

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We may not be able to transport ourselves to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day, but at least the Irish have brought a little bit of luck to London’s pub scene. But what exactly makes a pub authentically Irish? There’s certainly more to it than serving a great Guinness on tap. Below is a selection of our favourite Irish-run and themed pubs the city, each with something different to offer (but all guaranteeing a good craic!).


1. Auld Shillelagh

[The Auld Shillelagh]
Dubbed by the Irish Times as the ‘most authentic Irish pub in the world outside of Ireland’, the Auld Shillelagh in Stoke Newington is a guaranteed great spot for you St Paddy’s day celebrations today. Don’t be fooled by its small external appearance; the pub itself sprawls back. It’s not short of live traditional Irish music and is sure to go all out for St Patrick’s Day celebrations!

N16 0UD


2. Cow

For something a little less rough around the edges than you’d expect with most Irish pubs, pop into The Cow. It’s located in West London, so of course it’s going to come with additional, quaint frills and decor. It takes everything great about a gastropub (i.e. the food) and combines it with Irish heartiness – so they don’t scrimp on portion sizes! If you’re a Guinness sipper, rather than swigger, this find in Notting Hill is for you.

W2 5QH


3. Porterhouse

The Porterhouse is located within one of Covent Garden‘s impressive drinking establishments. In fact, it’s the biggest in London! Sprawling across twelve different levels, the pub is more like a huge indoor maze. And they’re certainly not afraid to show off their wide selection of beers, ales and stouts (which are hand-crafted in Dublin and shipped over!). You’ll see bottles displayed everywhere. Although big inside, it maintains a really great atmosphere, particularly for a couple after work. Just be careful you don’t lost your mates after a few pints.



4. Tipperary

The Tipperary was the first pub to serve Guinness outside of Ireland and, by default, has to make an appearance in London’s best Irish drinking establishments, simply for paving the way of the beloved stout. Inside, you’ll find a piece of Irish tradition in the very heart of the city. It looks beautifully out of place, a little bit battered and is the perfect haunt for St Paddy’s Day.



5. The Faltering Fullback

[Faltering Fullback]
This lovely pub is set back on Perth Road, behind Finsbury Park, and invites passersby in with help of its welcoming green shrubbery. Its beer garden is a little world in itself and is as picturesque as the outside. The pub, despite its seemingly hidden location, is always buzzing. The Irish theme, however, is at a push… Thai cuisine makes a frequent feature in the menu. But, nevertheless, the drink prices aren’t too steep and it’s worth a visit on St Paddy’s Day if you’re in the area!

N4 3HB


Featured Image Credit: The Faltering Fullback

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