London’s 5 Best Easter Eggs That Put The L-‘ick’ In Chick’

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

London’s 5 Best Easter Eggs That Put The L-‘ick’ In Chick’

Celebrate Easter in London with one of these chocolate triumphs.

They’re better than getting laid…

1. Pierre Hermé Œuf Galets

As always, egg-ceeding our egg-spectations, Pierre Hermé’s superb Easter treat is made from rich Peruvian chocolate and filled with a selection of praline eggs. It has been beautifully decorated using coloured discs in a range of flavours including dark chocolate and raspberry. And at £95, it’s a feast for the eyes, stomach and wallet.


2. Eggs at  Fortnum and Mason

Here is a box of six real hens eggs. They have been carefully hollowed out and painted gold, and then filled with praline chocolate. In our eyes, ideal for an Easter breakfast. Seriously, you have to crack them like you would a normal boiled egg. Or there’s a box of white, dark and milk chocolate eggs filled with lemon, raspberry or passion fruit ganache…to get in one of your 5 a day, y’know. At £25 a box, they’re slightly more expensive that our usual Happy Eggs, but we bet they make a much better omelette!


3.  Blonde Chocolate Monochrome Egg, The Chocolate Society

The egg in question is on the very left (our left, that is)…and has been made from blonde chocolate (a caramelised milk chocolate), sprayed with a thin layer of white chocolate and then each of the holes has been painstakingly cut by hand. BY HAND! The other two are also called ‘Monochrome Eggs’, one being a milk chocolate egg covered with coloured white chocolate and dark chocolate egg covered with black cocoa butter. It may set you back £29.95, but it would be rude not to! Available from The Chocolate Society – now that is a club we want to be part of!


4. Betty’s Spring Flower Egg

This one is more for the eye (and/or Instagram) than anything…although we assure you it takes as good as it looks! But being beautifully hand-decorated with delicate icing flowers and chocolate piping, we’re not sure we could bite into this one. Having said that, however, we did hear that it has a rich and smooth texture and doesn’t taste overly sweet. It is £49.95, though…so we’d recommend taking a picture and then gobbling it up before it catches anyone else’s eye.


5. Coconut Easter Egg, The Chocolate Society

This is not a coconut. This is a coconut Easter Egg. It is made (brace yourself) by spinning a white chocolate Easter Egg using Valrhona Opalys Couveture which is then mixed with some desiccated coconut. After the white chocolate egg had been moulded, the egg are then sprayed with a thin dark chocolate layer and sprinkled with cocoa powder whilst still ‘wet’. After the thin dark shell has set, scuffing of the outside of the shell using a brush takes place in order create the similar effect and texture of a real coconut. If that’s not enough…one final touch to each egg is to blow a small amount of hot air into each egg and then put more desiccated coconut into the inside of the shell, which lines the inside with a thin layer of desiccated coconut. The egg comes with six fresh coconut truffles and is priced at £29.95. Oh, go on then…


Featured Image Credit: Chocolate

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