Thunderstorm Warnings Have Been Issued For London This Week

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The Met Office have released a weather warning for tomorrow and Wednesday with a thunderstorm on the horizon.

After taking a break from gallivanting around the galaxy with the Avengers, Thor has clearly decided to pay a little visit to London this week, if the Met Office’s new weather warnings are anything to go by. Following last week’s flood warnings, we’re now thrilled to learn that Tuesday and Wednesday are set to bring thunderstorms to the capital – along with yet more torrential rain. [Header image: @londonfromtherooftops]

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The yellow thunderstorm warning actually blankets most of England, from Hull in the north, to Bath in the west, and Dover in the south. So at least we won’t be suffering alone, I guess. The thunderstruck areas can expect such delights as torrential rain, hail, lightning strikes(!), and generally jumping out of one’s skin when the next rumble hits. Also, power cuts! Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself stumbling around candle in hand like you’re living in the Dark Ages.

[Met Office]
We’ve also been told to prepare for flooding and disruption, so, if you want a bit of friendly advice, ditch the summer wardrobe for an afternoon. Be more like this guy – he’s got his shit together.

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The good news is that slightly sunnier weather is forecast for Friday and Saturday, although that promised June heatwave is yet to materialise. Can someone please write Thor another multi-film franchise to keep him busy so we can have a sunny summer – anyone?

⚡️They’re bloody impressive to look at though – take a peek at these seriously impressive photos from London’s crazy thunderstorms.⚡️

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