Met Office Issues Severe Weather Warning For Potential Flooding In London

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Summer, you say? The British weather has other ideas, and they involve quite a lot of rain.

Of all the weeks for my bloody umbrella to break, it had to be this one, didn’t it? This morning, the Met Office issued an amber warning for London, forecasting an absolute deluge of rain over the next two days. In fact, the downpours are expected to be so insistent that a flood alert has already been issued for south-east London – so if you’re in Lewisham, I’d be investing in some sandbags if I were you.

[Met Office]
Here’s the skinny: south-east England is expected to receive a month’s worth of rain over the next two days, and as you can see from the chart, London is smack-dab in the middle of the storm. Chance of precipitation today, according to the BBC? 99%. Chance of this rain darkening your mood, according to anyone who’s ever been caught umbrella-less? 130%.

[BBC Weather]
Fan-bloody-tastic. Per the Met Office, an amber warning equals “likely” flooding to homes and businesses, “delays and some cancellations to train and bus services”, and most worryingly, “fast flowing floodwater […] causing danger to life”. You can expect the worst of it on Monday afternoon and evening until 11pm, and because life simply isn’t fair, the evening commute is set to bear the brunt of it. I reckon tonight is the perfect night to hunker down and watch Netflix – unless your TV has floated off by that stage…

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As The Guardian notes, the flood warning is centred on the River Ravensbourne, putting parts of Lewisham, Bromley, Greenwich, and Croydon in the firing line. If it’s any consolation, London won’t be suffering alone: parts of Kent, Sussex, East Anglia, and the Midlands are also set for a soaking. Remember to stay safe out there, and maybe pack some sort of flotation device, just in case.

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