Temperatures MIGHT Hit 30°C In June, As Last Year’s Heatwave Teases A Return

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Football might not be coming home in 2019 – but the warm weather of last year could be!

A release from the Met Office – who, remember, are literally never wrong – has made the bold claim that ‘warmer-than-average temperatures are more likely than lower-than-average temperatures’ this summer, which has me reaching for the rosé already, frankly.

“The probability the UK average temperature will fall into the warmest of our five categories is 45-50 per cent,” according to reports elsewhere. “The coldest of our five categories is five per cent.”

And 45-50% is BASICALLY a sure thing. (Plan ahead with our guide to London’s cutest summer pop-ups.)

London Fields Lido Summer
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Could London’s gorgeous pub gardens, rooftop bars and outdoor swimming pools be that bit more inviting after a fairly indifferent May? Fortunately, other meteorologists have popped up to say YES, or at least… maybe.

The Mirror quotes weathertrending’s John Hammond as saying ’30C heat is quite possible from brief influxes of tropical air into June’ – hooray?! – although ironically Hammond’s very own website offers the headline ‘Summer 2018 again? Unlikely.‘ Honestly, John, I don’t know what to think. (Although I know what I want to believe!)

Beer garden London summer

In the less distant future, this week is forecast to be Quite Nice, before we head into an overcast, 20°C-ish and moderately breezy bank holiday weekend.

In the more distant future, climate change is expected to kill us all.

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