35 London Bridge Pubs And Bars That Are Really Rather Lovely

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London Bridge pubs

The best pubs in London Bridge, for your convenience.

Whilst The Shard dominates the skyline of London Bridge, there are even more treats to be found on terra firma. If you’re looking for a lovely riverside pub, or a cocktail bar with a hidden basement, these London Bridge pubs and bars are the best spots to sink a pint. Cheers!

London Bridge pubs

1. The George

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @boy_least_likely_to

We’ll start this list with an absolute beauty. One of London’s oldest pubs, The George is a 17th-century coaching inn, with impressive galleries and a huge courtyard that gets very popular in summer.

2. The Anchor

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @_mischell_travel_

Another historic pub, and another people-magnet. Sitting right on the banks of the Thames, The Anchor is justly renowned for its riverside beer garden, which is just divine when the sun shines.

3. The Shipwrights Arms

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @gyulaib

A smart, bustling pub lying in the shadow of The Shard, The Shipwrights Arms is best known for a Grade-II listed building, and a range of continental lagers.

4. The Blue Eyed Maid

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @kahvecanim

The fairest blue-eyed maid you ever did see. Not only that, but this one hosts regular karaoke sessions and an Indian buffet, so you know you’re in for a good time.

5. The Old Thameside Inn

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @ahgr38

Docked next to The Golden Hinde, here’s another ravishing riverside watering hole. Once used as a spice warehouse, they now pull pints with an enviable view of the City of London.

6. The Barrowboy and Banker

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @leafy_nottingham

With Borough Market on one side, and the City of London just across the river, this pub is aptly named. There’s a decent range of beers on tap, making it a nice enough spot to sink a pint.

7. The Mudlark

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @themudlark

Pleasant, wood-filled boozer that’s part of the Nicholson’s chain. Sitting next to Borough Market but not actually being part of it means that this place tends to be a little less busy than the market pubs.

8. Bunch of Grapes

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @bunchofgrapesse1

Another pub uttered dwarfed by the adjacent Shard, the Bunch of Grapes prides itself on a rotating list of craft beers, as well as a rather nifty food menu.

9. The Lord Clyde

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @jasonparis

The olive tiles covering the pub’s facade may be a little out of fashion, but this traditional pub boasts a cosy interior, historical knick-knacks, and a legion of loyal regulars.

10. The Britannia

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @bethreneec

The Britannia looks nondescript in several ways, but the absolute standout here is their massive range of whiskies, which you could spend a most enviable time working your way through. Sláinte!

11. The Horniman at Hays

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @mrs__es

Oh, do stop the sniggering. The Horniman is another pub which benefits nicely from its riverside location, although it tends to fill up pretty quickly.

12. The Woolpack

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @kumke

Equipped with the summer essential – a beer garden – and a neat little food menu, The Woolpack would be a rather good pub anyway. The addition of ‘Craft Corner’, where the best of London’s craft breweries are shown off, just takes it to the next level.

13. The Miller

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @severement_brunet

Craft beer and food from Bunsmiths are the major draw, but the addition of an improv comedy club and, come July, a huge cider festival make this pub well worth a visit.

14. The Rose

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @theroseldn

Proud home of the Bermondsey Parmo, as well as a vegan equivalent, The Rose do pub grub properly. A friendly atmosphere and an utterly banging playlist don’t hurt, either.

15. The Horseshoe Inn

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @adventuresofsophh

I could mention the drinks, food, decor, or anything – but they have two charming cats here, which means everything else is really kind of irrelevant, isn’t it?

London Bridge bars

16. Call Me Mr Lucky

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @thebrekkyclub

The Breakfast Club’s array of hidden bars might just be the worst kept secrets in town. At the London Bridge joint, simply tell the staff “I’m here to get lucky”, and they’ll escort you to Call Me Mr Lucky, a delightful dive bar with a killer drinks list.

17. The Mug House

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @davysoflondon

Hidden down in the old arches of London Bridge is this cosy candlelit wine bar, where a meticulously tried-and-tested wine list will find something for drinkers of all tastes.

18. Gong Bar

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @gong_bar

Okay, so I told you to ignore The Shard – but this place is too nice to overlook. Sitting pretty on Level 52 of The Shard, Gong Bar offers panoramic views, a fancy cocktail list, and even a swimming pool (although you’ll need to be a hotel guest to use it). See more here.

19. Nine Lives

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @ninelivesbar

Cocktails are the order of the day at this tropical-themed bar, in which every ingredient has been carefully considered and sourced. The ‘El Tigre’ will pack a punch, but you’d do well to wend your way through the menu during the course of your evening.

20. 214 Bermondsey

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @s.___.ldn

“No pretence, just gin”. Now that’s a motto we can get on board with! 214 take Mother’s Ruin very seriously, even going so far as to stock Bermondsey-made tonic water that coaxes even more out of your gin.

21. Prosecco House

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @proseccohouse

If you’re going to do just one thing, you should make sure you do it pretty well. Luckily, that’s exactly how things are run at Prosecco House, where owner Kristina Issa curates a fabulous selection of fizz.

22. The Boot & Flogger

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @jwendywallace

A fab little wine bar with a nicely accomplished food menu, The Boot & Flogger offers a wine list full of rare vintages. It’s great for the grape, less so for your bank account.

23. Balls Brothers

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @ballsbrothers

If you’re the immature type who laughed at The Horniman, then perhaps you should just skip this Hays Galleria spot. If you don’t, there’s a big wine list to be found, including magnums for when you need to treat yo’ self.

24. The Old School Yard

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @karina.sapunova

A cheery and cheesy London Bridge bar that sends you back to school. Personally, I’m pretty over school, but this one has cocktails, so I’m not averse to trying it.

25. The Hidden Spirit

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @thehiddenspiritlondon

Ahoy mateys! For cocktails and the opportunity to lark about in pirate gear, The Hidden Spirit is your one-stop shop. It also happens to be located on a 16th-century ship, which is pretty neat. Read all about it here.

26. Bar 31

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @bar31_london

The plan was to have this one in the 31st spot, but life just doesn’t work that way. The least pretentious of The Shard’s restaurants and bars, Bar 31 is a post-work kind of place that draws the city’s top buskers for open mic sessions.

27. BOB’s Lobster Wine Bar

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @ahearters

Although they’re best known for their rolling VW camper van, often seen dishing out seafood at summer festivals and street food market, BOB’s Lobster also run a wine bar. They’ve got 100 wines in store, and they all (unsurprisingly) pair pretty well with seafood.

28. TwoRuba

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @tworuba

A sleekly designed bar in the London Bridge Hilton, the prices indicate this is one for the well-to-do crowd. You can also have your face printed onto your cocktail, because apparently we’ve reached that point in human history…

Borough Market pubs

29. The Market Porter

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @julia.brgmnn

The only thing busier than Borough Market is a Borough Market pub. The usual suspects can be found on tap, but the buzzy market atmosphere makes it a popular choice for post-work drinks.

30. The Wheatsheaf

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @christylimyl

For a rowdier atmosphere, The Wheatsheaf is the place to be. I’m basing this on their own description, and the fact that their events section is simply called ‘Shenanigans’. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and I’m definitely into it.

31. The Southwark Tavern

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @relenaj

Classic pub grub and a regular tap takeover are the major draws at The Southwark Tavern, which has kept its Victorian features by thumbing its nose at the relentless march of time.

32. The Globe Tavern

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @theglobese1

By this time, you might be sick of London Bridge pubs. Well quit your whining, because this one is famous; their first floor flats made an appearance as the pad of London’s bachelorette du jour, Bridget Jones. Put a date in your diary and pay a visit.

33. The Rake

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @turningpointbrewco

A charming, albeit tiny craft beer pub, The Rake is a place for beer nerds. They’re so keen to welcome fresh talent that the beers on tap change twice a day – which surely invites a repeat visit, no?

Borough Market bars

34. Whiskey Ginger

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @ines_boehm

Tucked away in a corner of Borough Market is this cocktail bar, which follows the industrial chic blueprint for decor, but strikes an independent note with their fifty-strong whisky list and skilled mixologists.

35. Bedales

London Bridge pubs
Photo: @thegaztronome

With locations in Borough, Spitalfields, and Leadenhall markets, they’re something of a market specialist. This wine bar “rewards curiosity”, which is clearly code for trying as many as you can manage.

Whilst our London Bridge pubs will quench your thirst, you’ll need something else for the hunger pangs – how about our roundup of fabulous London Bridge restaurants?

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