LDF Has Launched A Campaign To Bring Crazy Golf To Trafalgar Square


London Design Festival has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to bring Visionary Crazy Golf to London’s Trafalgar Square. Holes have been designed by nine of the world’s most renowned architects, artists and designers. The aim is to raise £120,000, and if achieved, this figure will be matched by sponsorship. The idea is that the course will be open from 16-22 September, coinciding with the Festival itself.


Paul Smith,the curator and ambassador for the scheme, has created limited edition accessories – from socks to scarves – to celebrate the project and as Kickstarter rewards. Yep, that’s right, Kickstarter awards. Members of the public who pledge funds, from £5 up to £5,000, will receive a reward by one of the artists and designers, including Smith, the late Zaha Hadid, Mark Wallinger, and Tom Dixon. Additional rewards include tote bags by Camille Walala, Early ‘Birdie’ tickets, studio tours and a round of golf with Paul Smith. Seriously!


The steps of the National Gallery will be transformed into a riot of different coloured stripes, topped by a neo-classical clubhouse that echoes the museum, but with a turf roof and putters for columns. Zaha Hadid has designed an undulating course with two levels that will snake elegantly between Trafalgar Square’s lions.


Other holes include Tom Dixon’s, with its funnel and nest of pneumatic tubes through which golf balls will hurtle; a circuitous maze by Mark Wallinger; a netted driving range by the Japanese studio Atelier Bow-Wow; and a cross-section by Ordinary Architecture of a giant pigeon, through whose gut golf balls will travel. A warning, perhaps, to all those pesky pigeons that haunt trafalgar square?


“We expect Visionary Crazy Golf to be one of the most popular festival landmark projects to date,” said LDF director Ben Evans. He adds: “We are sure it will attract a varied audience, from design aficionados to small children, attracted by the invention, playfulness and creativity of the course.” Paul Smith said: “All of the designers I invited to take part, both distinguished and emerging talents, have been given free rein to be playful, original and have fun. The result will be a wonderful and accessible display, right at the heart of London, which will celebrate design and creativity, and explore engineering and new materials. It will both entertain and inspire. Please help make it happen!” Hear, hear!

The golfing experience will be free for the public.

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