King’s Cross Is Officially London’s Most Crime-Ridden Underground Station

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King’s Cross Is Officially London’s Most Crime-Ridden Underground Station

The British Transport Police have revealed that King’s Cross tube station has the highest level of crime on the Underground. Recent figures have revealed the top ten Underground stations where crime levels are the highest…and King’s Cross was right up there at the top, with 457 crimes reported over twelve months, starting from 1 December 2014. Crime at King Cross soared above the capital’s other stations, with 87 violent incidents, 65 public order offences and 25 sex crimes recorded. Furthermore, of this total figure, over 200 thefts were included, so hold onto your bags, folks! Incidents of fraud, drugs offences and criminal damage were also recorded.

FEAR NOT! It’s not all bad news – according to the British Transport Police, commuters are actually safer than ever as the number of reported offences decreased by 12.4 percent in 2014-15, compared to 2013-14.

But, just to be safe…here is the full top ten list of the London Underground’s stations with the highest crime rate: 

1. King’s Cross – 457
2. Oxford Circus – 344
3. Stratford – 344
4. Victoria – 308
5. Liverpool Street – 235
6. Bank – 228
7. Green Park – 193
8. Holborn – 193
9. Leicester Square – 190
10. London Bridge – 184

The station with the lowest number of crimes was North Wembly, recording just two crimes over the year – one for graffiti vandalism and a second for theft. We think we’ll be moving there, thank you very much. (Although, we guess that’s why it’s probably got such a low crime rate…because no one goes there? Makes sense…)

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