Just A Seat Pattern? Think Again! The London Underground Has A Secret

The London Underground seat pattern. Not something that tends to spring to mind when attempting to decode illuminati-like symbolism (that’s usually saved for Beyonce’s dance routines), or deciphering hidden messages in the coca-cola logo. And yet, it turns out that the iconic seat patterns we park our bums on every day are in fact optical illusions! And here we were thinking they were just a bit ugly…?

Created by the design firm WallaceSewell, this pattern has been in use for over 4 years…and contains 4 London landmarks hidden in the retro moquette. Someone please tell us that it’s just us who have never spotted these before?!

[Wiki Commons]
The design has been described by TFL as ’embodying the spirit of London’ and is called ‘Barman’ (after Christian Barman, TFLs publicity officer during the inter-war years). So, here’s Big Ben for you…how many of the the others can you spot?! (HINT: one of them is big and round…)


Featured Image Credit: Reddit and Prang Out 

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