It’s So Cold In London That Regent’s Canal Has Frozen Over

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

It’s So Cold In London That Regent’s Canal Has Frozen Over

Blimey. Are anyone else’s fingers still thawing out? Temperatures in the city last night hit below freezing point as Londoners woke to find areas of North London covered in a frosty blanket this morning. Photographers captured the Regent’s Canal at its coldest, with parts of the water totally frozen over. Anyone fancy a skate? ?


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Despite the cold, dedicated joggers were still spotted doing laps of London parks, made easier by the rather stunning sunrise that spurred them on. Regent’s Park was looking particularly pretty and the view from Primrose Hill more captivating than ever.


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Good morning London ?? from Primrose Hill

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Even though we feel like our noses are about to fall off, we think you’ll agree that frosty London is pretty stunning. So Kudos to you if you were up early enough to see these magic moments this morning and if you weren’t, we hope you enjoyed your lie in. Feast your eyes on these ??


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