Harrods Have Released Their Own In-Store Sat Nav

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Harrods Have Released Their Own In-Store Sat Nav

With 10 entrances to the building, over 300 departments and an impressive 7 levels of shopping joy, a trip to Harrods could be described as nothing less than an expedition. We’re sure that even Bear Grylls would have to give up after a while. But fear no more, Harrods (along with some brainy computer programmers) have just made our lives much easier by creating a mobile navigation app!

Using the app, you can find where you are using interactive maps, locate your favourite brands and work out the best routes around the store to your chosen products. This time-saving app is sure to make your Christmas shopping experience a much more enjoyable one!

The Harrods mapping app works in a similar way to other mobile satellite navigational systems and will create a trajectory of blue dots that you can follow to your destination. This is a major game changer in a department store that boasts over one million square feet of shopping space!

The app uses a network of over 500 iBeacons that have been placed on the ceilings of one of London’s most iconic shops.  The mapping system detects the user of the app via Bluetooth and sends them on their way. Of course, now we have no excuse to “get lost in the food hall”, we’ll just have to accept our gluttony and head to the mince pies with pride!

The app is currently only for iOS devices. You can download the free map by searching Harrods on the App Store. You can check out how it works here.

Featured image: Flickr – Raghavvidya 

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