Gregg’s Is Re-Opening 800 Stores Across The UK Next Month

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Gregg’s Is Re-Opening 800 Stores Across The UK Next Month

Those flakey parcels of goodness are almost back…

After a bit of on-again-off-again, Gregg’s has finally revealed that they’ve made the decision to re-open, with 800 stores across the UK set to open their doors again next month.

Trialling a small handful of re-openings earlier this month, the fan-favourite bakery will re-open with social distancing measures in place, following a reversal of their initial decision to re-open just 20 stores in the Newcastle area – which was reportedly met with customer criticism.

Credit: Gregg’s

Speaking to The Sun, a spokesperson for Gregg’s has said: “We have planned and delivered robust shop trials using our new operational safety measures and they have progressed well, allowing us to now move to open an increased number of our shops from mid-June.”

It is currently unclear which stores will be part of the first roll-out, however, we can only hope, pray and dream that’ll we’ll be able to get our mitts on a sausage roll soon.

The nationwide bakery closed all 2,050 stores back in March, also putting a halt on their newly-launched home delivery service. Gregg’s will join McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King who have all found new ways to serve their customers.

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