McDonald’s Will Re-Open 30 More Restaurants Next Week For Drive-Thru Only

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McDonald’s Will Re-Open 30 More Restaurants Next Week For Drive-Thru Only

I can see the Golden Arches getting closer…

Following last week’s news that only fifteen McDonald’s restaurants across the southeast would re-open for deliveries, the top bosses at the fast-food chain have now confirmed that a further 30 restaurants will re-open for drive-thru only.

The news was confirmed in a statement shared to the UK division’s millions of followers, which revealed that the drive-thru trial will begin on May 20, and will see 30 stores across the UK and Ireland participating. Additionally, the statement also revealed that the chain plans to re-open all drive-thrus by early June, giving employees, suppliers and customers a chance to adjust to their new ways of operating.

The first phase of McDonald’s trial re-opening begins tomorrow and includes fifteen restaurants in the south (including four in London) that will be operating on a delivery basis only – a move that sparked quite the outrage from fans in the north, given that Luton is getting three reopened restaurants before Manchester sees a single one.

It is currently unconfirmed which restaurants will be re-opening as part of the drive-thru trial, however, we can only hope, pray and beg that more of us Londoners will be wrapping our hands around a Big Mac sometime soon.

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