Gold Leaf Ice Cream Arrives In London This Weekend, And We’re Honestly Not Sure Why

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Gold leaf ice cream

Gold leaf ice cream: part dessert, part decadence, wholly pointless.

As the UK heatwave drags on interminably, it’s important to stay cool. Handily, you can now keep your cool whilst showing off your love of bling, with the arrival of the gold leaf ice cream. Because what says summer more than dessert, wrapped in a 23-carat layer of frivolous decadence?
Gold leaf ice cream

The gold leaf ice cream trend began in Japan, where punters were apparently falling over themselves to fork out £6 on what is essentially a Mr Whippy wrapped in gold. Helpfully, you won’t have to pay for this one, as there are 200 free cones being given away this weekend. It’s part of Just Eat’s fantasy food festival, which is taking over Last Days of Shoreditch this weekend.

Gold leaf ice cream
Oh sure, you’re laughing now, but you won’t be when you’re forced to eat baked beans to fund your gold leaf ice cream habit…

After all the glitz, glamour, and gaudiness of the gold leaf, the ice cream itself becomes a bit of an afterthought. It comes in two Japan-inspired flavours; coconut or matcha green tea, and since the gold leaf is tasteless, it won’t actually add anything to the ice cream. Aside, of course, from a sneaking sense of smugness that your cone is prettier than everyone else’s. Grab the ice creams from 2-3pm on July 21st & 22nd, and try not to be too disappointed when you return to your regular, gold-less food afterwards.

Less gilded, but more delicious, is our guide to London’s best ice cream cones.

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