Get Packing Because Flights From London To America Will Start From As Little As £179

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Norwegian Air has plans to begin flights from London Gatwick to Chicago O’Hare and Texas. What’s even better is that flights to these American destinations will start from as little as £179.

Norwegian Air is steadily becoming one of the world’s best airlines for long haul flights and this is just another brownie point. A big brownie point indeed.

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For a mighty fine amount of only £179, you can book a one way flight to Chicago which just so happens to be America’s third largest city global architecture capital. Prepare for some serious neck-hurting for all those swanky skyscrapers and high-rise buildings.

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Also on offer will be flights to Austin, Texas with prices starting at £239. Yee-haw. Renowned for its country music and BBQ, you could snag yourself a pair of cowboy boot, a hat and label them as London’s latest trendy accessory pairing.

The plans will commence from March 2018 and flights will run four times a week to Chicago and three times a week for Austin. Your holiday bookings just got a whole lot easier (and cheaper).

Feature Image: Austin Neill.

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