Genius New App Will Wake Londoners Up Early If There Are Travel Problems!

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Genius New App Will Wake Londoners Up Early If There Are Travel Problems!

It happens to the best of us: your Monday morning is going swimmingly, you only pressed snooze twice and you even had time to cook some porridge. You arrive at the tube with a big smile on your face, internally praising yourself and vowing that you will never, ever be late for work again (and might even try that sunrise yoga class tomorrow). And then disaster strikes. Severe Delays on the Circle Line. And every other line that could possibly transport you within a 2 mile radius of your office. Late to work, again…

[IB Times]
Or perhaps NEVER again thanks to a new app being developed by the inventors of the Oyster card, which could wake commuters up early if there are travel problems. IMAGINE THAT! It’s like living with your mum again, except this one has telepathic abilities and doesn’t yank the duvet off your body when you refuse to move.

The NextCity project will be worked on by fare and ticketing giant Cubic Transportation Systems at its innovation centre in Clerkenwell. Going one better than CityMapper, it will analyse a person’s choices, such as whether they need a seat or have a deadline, and from there determine what time they need to wake up to ensure that they arrive at their desired destination on time. You’ll even be rewarded for making eco-friendly decisions. Genius.

And just think, you’ll never be able to use the transport delays excuse again. Hang on…

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