Adrenaline Junkies Can Now Bungee Jump High Above The O2 Arena

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Adrenaline Junkies Can Now Bungee Jump High Above The O2 Arena

This terrifying bungee jump experience will leave you screaming all the way down… and back up, and back down again.

If the greatest adrenaline rush you get is jumping onto the Tube in the millisecond before the doors close, you really need to dream a little bigger. About 160 feet bigger, to be precise. That’s how tall this gravity-defying bungee jump is, offering you the chance to plummet towards the ground in pursuit of that sweet adrenaline high. Think you’re brave enough? You can grab a ticket here.

From your perch above the O2 Arena coach park, the ground is going to look pretty far away – right up until you jump, at which point it’ll get a hell of a lot closer a hell of a lot quicker. Run by the market leaders in UK bungee jumping, you know you’re in good hands when you take the leap. (Please check here for health and safety requirements.)

Plus, if you don’t fancy tackling the jump alone, or are perhaps trying to cure someone of a fear of heights, tandem jumps are available. I can only imagine it’s comforting to have someone else screaming alongside you as you head south – of course, there’s only one way to find out…

Find your tickets to the bungee jump experience here.

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